Meyers Transportation Services takes the extra care needed to ensure your products are delivered as promised.
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3 Levels of Premium LTL Service

Choose between Guaranteed on time, Appointment or Overnight LTL premium service to ship your dry, temperature controlled or hazardous goods within Ontario and Quebec. Our terminal network is the most extensive in eastern Ontario allowing you to take advantage of late pick-ups, short notice deliveries, last minute changes and on time early-morning deliveries.


  • 3 levels of LTL service
  • Guaranteed on time LTL
  • Appointment LTL (extensive compliance experience)
  • Overnight by noon LTL (to select points)
  • Dedicated drayage service at Toronto rail yards
  • Trailer Storage (short/long term)
  • Pharmaceutical, food and retail consumer products
  • Dry, temperature controlled and hazardous goods
  • Time sensitive freight services
  • U.S. and Canadian customs bonded operation makes US shipments for Canadian distribution more convenient
  • Greater efficiency via Canadian Post Audit Authority
  • Terminal network allows late pick-ups, short notice deliveries, last minute changes and ensures on-time early morning deliveries
  • In-truck communications system provides constant communications with driver
  • Efficient distribution centre appointment deliveries (Over 40% of daily shipments)
  • 250 power units ensure security of asset-based service