When you chose Meyers Transportation Services you are making the right choice for today and tomorrow.
The Company : Green

MTS is On the Road to Green

Each member of the MTS team is committed to utilizing new enviro-friendly technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and increase fuel efficiency. We have made it a top priority to ensure that when you choose MTS you are making the right choice for today and tomorrow. After all, with four generations in the business, it’s only natural to think about the next one.

  • Governing our trucks to limit fuel consumption and speeding
  • Auto-select transmissions, maximize engine efficiency which reduces pollution
  • Using the Eaton Vorad system which discourages tailgating, thus improving our safety record and boosting our fuel efficiency
  • Tractors with Sleepwell Bunk APU's (giving air conditioning and heat to the trucks without running the main engine), reducing idle time by 30%
  • The use of logistics/decker trailers that allow for safe stacking of pallets, reducing the number of trucks on the road
  • Saving fuel running the more efficient LCV units (double 53 ft trailers)
  • Outfitting all new equipment with skirts and super singles
  • Trailer Fairings, low rolling resistance tires reduce GHG emissions by reducing fuel consumption per trip by 1-2%
  • Incentive Based Performance/Fuel Program to ensure drivers are operating as efficiently as possible
  • Internal targets established to improve fuel economy across the fleet by 10% over the next two years
  • New trucks purchased and running on the road have Aftermarket treatment systems installed reducing overall emissions
  • Improved service intervals and programs to address fuel performance issues in our assets through weekly reporting
  • Driver training programs focused on reducing costs per trip including fuel consumption and reduce wear and tear
  • Electronic Data Interchange and electronic invoicing with customers targeting 80% of all transactions will be billed electronically within two years