Meyers transportation services is dedicated to delivering on time, all the time.
The Company : Security

In today’s economic environment an unfortunate reality is that cargo theft and product security are topics that continue to require the focus and attention of carriers and shippers alike.  Understanding the true impact of this challenge and proactively taking the steps required are key to ensuring your company is truly equipped to ensure safe handling and delivery of your product.  At Meyers Transportation Services, we make safety and security a part of every discussion and process we have.

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Keeping Your Freight Moving

MTS has proactively invested in several government initiatives (with U.S. Customs and Border Protection, Department of Homeland Security and the Canada Customs and Revenue Agency) that help to ensure your products are cleared at the border with greater speed and efficiency. MTS is dedicated to delivering on time, all the time, by incorporating programs that satisfy your cross-border requirements.

Mosaic, our logistics division takes even further precautions to ensure your load is safe. Any potential partner carrier goes through a thorough review process where insurance policies are reviewed directly with the insurer, operating authorities are confirmed with the issuing government, and authenticity of the carrier is confirmed with their financial institutions. This ensures that your load gets where it needs to be, without interruption and with you knowing we have ensured the highest levels of security are provided, as with all of our divisions.

We are Currently Approved and Certified Partners in the Following:

FAST (Free and Secure Trade)
As a FAST certified company, Meyers can help ensure your products will be cleared with greater speed, reassurance and efficiency at the border for transport into Canada and the U.S. FAST is a joint Canada-U.S. initiative developed to promote heightened border security.
C-TPAT (Customs-Trade Partnership Against Terrorism)
C-TPAT is a U.S. program developed to enhance security by helping businesses review their supply chain and adopt practices that prevent and discourage terrorism such as security fencing.

CSA (Customs Self Assessment Program)

A Canadian program, CSA offers a clearance option that streamlines CSA eligible goods. This initiative also provides an efficient accounting and payment process, for goods imported by approved importers.

PIP (Partners in Protection)

PIP is a Canadian program developed to promote private industry co-operation in the advancement of border security. Focused on fighting organized crime and terrorism, PIP endeavors to suppress smuggling of contraband as well as increase customs compliance awareness.

ACE (Automated Commercial Environment)

ACE has been developed to improve national border security and accelerate legal trade by connecting (via one centralized, online access point) the U.S. Customs Border Protection program with the trade community as well as participating government agencies.